The Salzburg College Excellence Awards

We are pleased to announce the following Salzburg College Excellence Awards in order to honour innovative ideas in intercultural research and teaching:

  • Excellence in Intercultural Research Award
  • Excellence in Intercultural Teaching Award
  • Excellence in Reading Research Award

  • Excellence in Intercultural Education Award

A panel of research and teaching experts conducts a blind review of entries which will then be judged on the degree of originality, quality and creativity in design and execution. Research theory and practice should promote and encourage intercultural relations.

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The winners receive a prize of $1,000 and an Honorable Mention.

  1. Eligibility of Entries

    The award is open to all researchers and instructors from universities and colleges affiliated to Salzburg College, who hold a graduate degree.

  2. Application Process and Deadline

    To be considered for the award, please submit:

    1. a curriculum vitae;
    2. an abstract of the proposed, ongoing, or completed research or teaching project (max. 600 words), and if the research has been submitted or published, also provide a copy of the final manuscript;
    3. a short statement: since when has your department/university/college been affiliated with Salzburg College. The deadline for submitting materials is January 20.

    All materials should be submitted in PDF form to:

  3. Award Criteria

    A panel of teaching experts appointed by Salzburg College will conduct a blind review of entries. In this review, entries will be judged on the degree to which they:

    • Clearly and completely describe the research/ teaching project
    • Show originality and quality in design and execution
    • Contribute to the betterment of human realities by improving intercultural relations
    • Lend themselves to widespread adoption by others
    • Discuss potential pitfalls, variations, and implications