Who are the people at ICC

We work in a highly interdisciplinary team of university lecturers, trainers and practitioners from various (academic & non-academic) fields, to offer individuals a higher education environment that nurtures creativity and multi-disciplinary perspectives through degrees that champion intercultural learning, not just a certificate at the end.

Especially when it comes to the construction of self-other distinctions in relativistic terms, taking the perspective of the other and being motivated to empathize as well as to recognize the value of differences (personally and organizationally). We have supported our students on various levels to help them to develop the ability to embody and enact intercultural sensitivity and promote the virtues of humility and authenticity in multicultural settings.

At the heart of ICC is the necessary symbiosis between offering stimulating programmes and being embedded in a vivid, diverse and committed research community as well as actively engaging in CSR projects for society.

Cultures do not meet. It is always people who meet.

ICC team